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Xi'an: Shaanxi’s 100 Pairs of International Sister Cities Celebration.

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Morazan: Our Understanding Enriched!

Scores of Montgomery County residents have been visiting El Salvador for more than a decade as a result of our Sister City relationship with Morazan, El Salvador. Learn about this partnership, its impact and future opportunities this relationship offers as we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. On October 14, 2021, the Morazan Sister City Committee, in collaboration with Montgomery College TV, hosted a virtual presentation of the Morazan Sister City Spotlight short documentary “Morazan: Our Understanding Enriched." The documentary details the story of a young Montgomery College student’s journey from Morazan, El Salvador to Montgomery County, with a focus on the partnership and impact that the county’s Sister City has had over the last decade. The program also underscores the future opportunities that this sister city relationship offers residents of Montgomery County. You can see the documentary by clicking here.  

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