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August 2022:

New Fortune Chine Restaurant - Rockville, MD.
Montgomery Sister Cities (MSC) supported our neighboring sister city, Rockville Sister City Corporation (RSCC) on August 14, 2022, for their annual Dim Sum luncheon - Fundraiser. It was well served and enjoyed. Guests included RSCC officers, directors, families, in addition to Leroy Allala, President & CEO of Sister Cities International!

July 2022:

Brightview Senior Community - Rockville, MD.
Montgomery Sister Cities (MSC) spent the day with Brightview Senior Community residents sharing the history of Sister Cities International, Montgomery's (5) sister cities - Morazan, El Salvador, Gondar, Ethiopia, Xi'an, China, Hyderabad, India, and Daejon South Korea. Followed by an in-depth conversation with Dr. Jeannette Noltenious, chair of the Morazan sister city committee where she delved into the committee's goals for the fiscal year.  This event is the start of a Cultural Share program with the residents of Brightview Senior community.

June 2022:

Big Train Baseball - Rockville, MD.

It was Sister Cities Day at Povich Field for the Big Train Baseball game as Bruce Adams welcomed members of Montgomery Sister Cities, Rockville Sister Cities, the Princeton Women's Basketball Team, Pat Malone and Rick "Doc" Walker. Music filled the air as the Rockville German Band played in concert and a Mariachi ensemble serenaded baseball fans throughout the stands.

Joy C. West, Filmmaker Wild and Peaceful, Kool and the Gang

18 min 43 sec



October 2021:

Xi'an Shaanxi’s 100 Pairs of International Sister Cities Celebration - Xi'an, China.

Celebration of Shaanxi's 100 Pairs of International Sister Cities was held on October 2021 in Xi'an, to mark the milestone for Shaanxi's cooperation with international sister cities. Leaders of Shaanxi Provincial People's Government and Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries presented at the ceremony and make remarks. Our very own County Executive, Marc Elrich, supported the event by representing Montgomery County on behalf of the Xi'an Sister Citiy. His speech focused on the existing relationship and enhancing future partnerships.


Morazan Our Understanding Enriched! 

Scores of Montgomery County residents have been visiting El Salvador for more than a decade as a result of our Sister City relationship with Morazan, El Salvador. Learn about this partnership, its impact and future opportunities this relationship offers as we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. On October 14, 2021, the Morazan Sister City Committee, in collaboration with Montgomery College TV, hosted a virtual presentation of the Morazan Sister City Spotlight short documentary “Morazan: Our Understanding Enriched."

The documentary details the story of a young Montgomery College student’s journey from Morazan, El Salvador to Montgomery County, with a focus on the partnership and impact that the county’s Sister City has had over the last decade. The program also underscores the future opportunities that this sister city relationship offers residents of Montgomery County. You can see the documentary by clicking here.  

Hispanic Heritage Month Video


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