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May 14, 2014 Board Meeting

May 14, 2014 Board Meeting

Approved by the Board at September 17, 2014 meeting

Montgomery Sister Cities Board Minutes for May 14, 2014

Place: Rockville Memorial Library

Attendees: Chair Theresa Cameron, Bruce Adams, Mumin Barre, Neftali Granados, Bill Kaschak, Bill Nance, Diane Smith, Solomon Teklai, and Beverly Walker-Griffea

Absent: Samim Ardeishar, Devin Doolan, Lorna Forde, Evelyn Gonzalez, Bill Hudnut, Tom Raffa, and Carol Rhees

Staff: Dave Robbins, Senior Fellow


Board Chair Theresa Cameron called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.

Approval of Minutes

The Board approved the draft minutes for the February 22, 2014 Board retreat.

Budget and Finance

Bruce Adams reported that we have filed the appropriate document in lieu of the IRS 990. Dave Robbins is in communication with the Maryland Secretary of State's Office to ensure that our nonprofit status remains in good standing. Bruce said we will set up a meeting with our accountant and Theresa and Board Treasurer Bill Nance. Dave Robbins will purchase QuickBooks. Theresa Cameron said we will have a financial statement for the Board at the next meeting.

Bylaw Updates

Diane Smith agreed to check with the Maryland Secretary of State regarding the status of our bylaws. Theresa Cameron said she would take responsibility for getting directors and officers insurance. Mumin Barre said that our individual homeowners' policies will cover us in the meantime.

Report from Bruce Adams

The Salvadoran Sister City Committee has scheduled its annual Fiesta fundraiser for Saturday September 13 at the Silver Spring Civic Building.

The Ethiopian Sister City Committee, with the support of a University of Maryland graduate student, has drafted bylaws to govern its operations. Solomon Teklai provided an update on activities including plans for a fundraiser. Beverly Walker-Griffea reported on the need to finalize the memorandum of understanding between Montgomery College and the University of Gondar.

The formal Xi'an-Montgomery County Sister City agreement will be signed soon. Theresa Cameron, Bruce Adams, Lily Qi, and Diane Vu represented Montgomery County at the Sister Cities International's celebration of 35 years of China-United States Sister City relationships at a March 26-28 conference in Washington, DC. (

Plans for the County Executive's Joint Sister City-Economic Development Mission Trip to India November 11-22 are well underway. Hyderabad, India will become Montgomery County fourth Sister City.

Jess Haley, an intern from Princeton Internships in Civic Service (PICS), will be serving at the Office of Community Partnerships this summer to offer research support on best practices for Montgomery Sister Cities.

The Bethesda Big Train summer college baseball team will feature Montgomery Sister Cities as one of its Nonprofits of the Night on Wednesday June 11. It will be "The World of Montgomery Comes to Povich Field Night," and we will get 100 free tickets and an opportunity to showcase our work.


Bruce Adams thanked Diane Vu and Thuan Vu for an excellent job updating and upgrading our web page. Board members agreed that Diane and Thuan have produced a strong foundation for our webpage.

Board Membership

Mumin Barre announced that he will be resigning at the end of his third year on the Board. He said he will recruit a successor.

Work Groups

Theresa Cameron suggested that, in addition to an executive committee, we create three work groups – fundraising, bylaws, and goals. Diane Smith agreed to chair the bylaws committee. Bill Kaschak agreed to chair the fundraising committee. At 7:15 p.m., Board chair Cameron adjourned the full meeting of the Board so that the fundraising and bylaws work groups could have their initial meetings.

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