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September 17, 2015 Board Meeting

September 17, 2015 Board Meeting

Attendees: Bruce Adams, Mumin Barre, Tracey Dixon (Yasin Yimam), Lorna Forde, Neftali Granados, William Kaschak, Ram Konda, William Nance, Dianne Smith Excused: Theresa Cameron, Carol Rhees and Thomas Raffa

WELCOME/MINUTES The meeting was called to order by Treasurer William Nance at 6:40 who explained Chair Theresa Cameron was unable to attend. Bruce added that Senior Fellow Cynthia Morris was also unable to attend due to a family emergency. Bruce introduced Trace-Alexis Dixon, a member of the Ethiopian volunteer committee who was attending on behalf of board member Yasin Yiman who was unable to attend. Minutes from the May 2015 meeting were reviewed and approved unanimously.

FINANCE REPORT Bruce reported the receipt of the last reimbursement check for the Country Executive FY14 grant and that the FY16 grant contract has been signed by Theresa Cameron and submitted.

OLD BUSINESS El Salvador 2015 Trip Neftali and Bruce explained that retired computers from Montgomery County will be donated and sent during the Morazán trip to be led by County Executive Ike Leggett will take place 7-11 November. He also shared that the University of San Salvador approved moving forward with a Morazan program by granting 25 acres of land. Bill Kaschak added that the school will begin as a technical training school.

Country Committee Responsibilities Bill Nance asked for reaction to draft distributed by Theresa and Mumin suggested sending the draft to the country committees for review for the next meeting. Diane pointed out that language of the draft was inconsistent with the by-laws and will work with Theresa to correct before distribution to country committees.

NEW BUSINESS Board Appeal Bill Nance asked board members to submit an annual gift of at least $100. After some discussion on the topic of the $3,000 deficit carried by the Ethiopian committee, there was a unanimous vote to forgive the amount due to the unusual circumstances that led to the situation, with the stipulation that this would not be considered a procedural precedent.

Country Committee Reports El Salvador - Naftili announced the 24 October Fiesta from 6-11 at the Silver Spring Civic Building and urged all members to attend. He also offered each board member a ticket to the event.

Ethiopia – Tracey asked for support for the 11 October fundraiser from 6-10 at the Silver Spring Civic Building.

India – Ram Elections will be held in December for (WHAT???), they are working on student exchanges.

China – Bruce shared thtr a community member expressed interest in another sister city in China which led to a meeting with the MAYOR OF Gaithersburg. Interest has also been expressed in a sister city in South Korea and a sister schools agreement is in the works with Montgomery County Public Schools. Bruce asked board to support the World of Montgomery Festival 18 October at Montgomery College where all sister city countries will be represented. Mumin invited board to the Friendship Picnic 20 September at Wheaton Regional Park. The meeting was adjourned at 8pm

Respectfully submitted, Cynthia Morris from notes provided by Bruce Adams Senior Fellow

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