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March 11, 2010 Board Meeting

March 11, 2010 Board Meeting

Montgomery Sister Cities Board Minutes for March 11, 2010

Attendees: Bill Hudnut, Bruce Adams, Dianne Smith, Tariq Husain, Tom Raffa, Don Mooers, Theresa Cameron, Evelyn Gonzalez, Boris Foxman

1. The board approved the January 21, 2010 board minutes.

2. Bill Nance was elected the new Treasurer for the organization.

3. Mier Wolf updated the board on the Status of efforts with Beit Shemesh. It now appears that a delegation will visit the county in June at which time we can arrange a meeting with the board and Ike to encourage moving closer to finalizing a partnership agreement with that community. He also mentioned a new partnering possibility in Nankai, a large district within a large city called Tianjin. Lily Qi, Office of Community Partnerships Asian American liaison will assist in following through with their inquiry.

4. The Chair introduced new board member Tom Raffa who identified his international experiences including in El Salvador which will greatly benefit the organization’s pursuit of a partnership with Morazan.

5. Don Mooors made a presentation describing his significant experience in working in worldwide programs and how it will apply to partnering with Morazan. He made many points about our process with Morazan including the following:

A. Get to know one another before determining partnership agenda. Ask a lot of questions.

B. Goals: explore, listen, get to know each other, and learn about their needs.

C. Buy in on all sides before embarking on project

D. Each project should be independent and sustainable. For example school to school.

E. Identify specific deliverables as well as expectations for each project

F. Don’t fear new wine in old bottles if some piggybackjng is available.

G. Keep in mind the end game.

H. Focus on 3-5 mutually agreed upon small initiatives that will grow.

J. Principles: Use uncertainty, as a way to adjust; have clear expectations; keep expectations down and hopes high; focus on broad objectives.

6. Discussion on Morazan – the following points were made regarding the proposed trip to Morazan by some board members and possibly other county representatives:

A. It looks promising that Habitat For Humanity would do a project in Morazan in 2011

B. About four Community Bridges middle school girls may accompany the county delegation to Morazan

C. Mier should find out about other non-profit and ngos activities in Morazan and the country.

D. Mier should find out what the county Morazan Home Associations are doing in Morazan.

E. Board needs to finalize make up of county delegation.

F. Mier should draft a letter to Morazan outlining hopes for county visit.

G. The county delegation needs educating before the trip.

H. The delegation plans to meet with government officials toward the end of the trip.

I. We need to know what Morazan can provide the county culturally and perhaps educationally.

Bill Hudnut adjourned the meeting after the Morazan discussion.

Evelyn Gonzalez-Mills


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